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EasyOAuth Framework 2.0 Desktop Edition is released, This version has the following features:
  1. Support providers extend to 8 providers.
  2. Refactoring source code and lowest the code for calling this framework.
  3. Minimize configuration you must to configure.

If you want to use this release, please download the source code and build them, add the binaries references to your project, and add the following code:

EasyOAuth.Providers.DropBoxClient client = new EasyOAuth.Providers.DropBoxClient("[consumer key]", "[consumer secret]");
Console.WriteLine("access token=" + client.Token);

You can receive the access token if authorization is completed and allowed by user.

All clients are following:
  1. EasyOAuth.Providers.GoogleClient (for Google)
  2. EasyOAuth.Providers.DropBoxClient (for Dropbox)
  3. EasyOAuth.Providers.TwitterClient (for Twitter)
  4. EasyOAuth.Providers.LinkedInClient (for Linked In)
  5. EasyOAuth.Providers.YahooClient (for Yahoo)
  6. EasyOAuth.Providers.PlurkClient (for Plurk)
  7. EasyOAuth.Providers.FacebookClient (for Facebook)
  8. EasyOAuth.Providers.WindowsLiveClient (for Windows Live)

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