EasyOAuth Framework v3.0 is working, This version will support ASP.NET MVC (3) and .NET Framework 4.0 (not planed to support .NET Framework 3.5 or older), and we will build it on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platform, but Web Edition will release first.

EasyOAuth Framework v2.0 Desktop and Web Edition is announced, this release is a refactoring version of EasyOAuth and supports 8 OAuth Providers:
  • Linked In (OAuth 1.0)
  • DropBox (OAuth 1.0)
  • Windows Live (OAuth 2.0)
  • Plurk (OAuth 1.0)
  • Twitter (OAuth 1.0)
  • Google (OAuth 1.0)
  • Facebook (OAuth 2.0)
  • Yahoo (OAuth 1.0)

Source code, Binaries and Sample codes are ready for download, please visit the download page to find them.

Please refer official introductions with EasyOAuth Framework 2.0: (Traditional Chinese)

Remember to apply an application account for consumer key and consumer secret before you use EasyOAuth library.

Please refer official introductions: (Traditional Chinese). If you want to find English documentation, please go to "Documentation" section.

Please comment your thinks, comments or shares here:

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